February 2016

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Best Rustic Potato Soup Recipe

At Hilltop Country Day School we take pride in our outdoor classroom and environmental science curriculum. Our fourth graders harvested a wonderful crop of potatoes from our potato patch this fall and from that haul we whipped up a delectable rustic potato soup. From our Hilltop table to yours, enjoy! Ingredients Potatoes, washed well, cut […]

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Cultivating Grit in Our Children [Replay] - Image

Cultivating Grit in Our Children [Replay]

Hilltop Country Day School’s Head of School Peter Gordon presented a talk titled, “Cultivating Grit in Our Children,” in which he offered insight as an educator and a parent on why sometime’s it’s OK to let children fail as it develops a key characteristic for success in today’s world: grit. Click on the play button below to begin the video.

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3 Ways to Decrease Separation Anxiety in Nursery School

I’ve often heard it said that the job of being a parent is to spend 18 (or more) years raising a child so they don’t need you anymore. It’s the most selfless job in the world especially when you think about it that way. ­This could not be more evident than during morning drop-off. As […]

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3 Simple Things You Can Do To Help Keep Your Child’s Binder Organized

Your child’s binder looks like a bomb exploded. Papers are crumbled into balls at the bottom of the backpack, the spine on the binder may already be breaking, and your student’s grades may be suffering from this lack of organization. Don’t stress. With just a few minor adjustments and a commitment to a maintenance plan, […]

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