April 2016

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5 Elements of Cutting-Edge Exhibition Assessments in Schools

It is no secret that the traditional educational model that existed for centuries is no longer effective in today’s 21st Century landscape. At Hilltop we realize that our students will eventually be entering a workforce where the jobs have yet to be imagined. Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide an education and schoolwide experience […]

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The 7 Things Worrying Your Soon-to-Be-Middle Schooler and What We’re Doing About It

If you think back and remember what it was like to be a new student at a new school or a student new to the middle school years, you will recall a variety of feelings and emotions, many good, some not so good. It is never easy entering a new environment, especially one where the […]

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5 Tips for Visiting Museums/Art Galleries With Kids

Spring is in the air and that means new shows are popping up in many area museums and galleries.  It’s a great opportunity for a family day out and seeing art through a child’s eyes.  At Hilltop, we discuss with students how to look at art, what questions to ask, and even etiquette for such […]

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