5 Tips for Visiting Museums/Art Galleries With Kids

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5 Tips for Visiting Museums/Art Galleries With Kids

Spring is in the air and that means new shows are popping up in many area museums and galleries.  It’s a great opportunity for a family day out and seeing art through a child’s eyes.  At Hilltop, we discuss with students how to look at art, what questions to ask, and even etiquette for such a visit.  It’s always enriching to discover just how much the children recognize and want to share.

Here are a few pointers for an enjoyable visit:

  1. Be mindful of the gallery’s space. Leave space between you and the art.  Signs are usually posted if you are invited to touch the art.  Our students are taught to look with their eyes, not their hands.  They know to use an inside voice, because others may be thinking about the art they are enjoying.  Always check with the museum about their policy regarding photographing the art.  It will vary, especially if the exhibit is not owned by the museum.
  2. Bring along a small notebook so you can sketch or make notes about your visit. (Pencils only, please!)
  3. Our students enjoy talking about the shapes, colors, lines, textures, and spaces in art. These are called the “Elements of Style”.
  4. Let your child decide how long to stay. Large museums can be overwhelming and aren’t meant to be tackled in one visit.  Take a break and enjoy the outside of a building as well.
  5. And, of course, check out the gift shop and pick up a small souvenir from your visit. A postcard from an exhibit or a pencil is a nice reminder about your special day out.

Have a great museum or art gallery for visiting with kids? Let us know in the comments!