September 2016

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Tips for Successful Toilet Training in 10 Days

Are you counting the days until your toddler is fully potty-trained and can enroll in preschool? Have no fear! Hilltop’s Preschool teacher Mrs. Christine DeStefano is coming to your rescue! With more than 30 years of experience with preschool-aged children, and successful toilet training of her own two children, three grandchildren and hundreds of other 2 ½ […]

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Hilltop Kicks Off 2016-17 School Year With 6.25% Enrollment Increase

Hilltop Country Day School kicked-off the 2016-17 school year on Wednesday, September 7 with a record enrollment increase and a full slate of new programs. While other local schools are cutting programming and experiencing overcrowding, Hilltop is flourishing while maintaining the school’s signature small class sizes and nurturing environment. “Hilltop has been committed to providing […]

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