3 Easy Morning Exercises For Kids

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3 Easy Morning Exercises For Kids

I wanted to share a fun morning exercise that your child can do before starting their day prior to eating a healthy nutritious breakfast. The exercise is called Training for a Triathlon. It can be done in your own home either inside or outside, requires some really great music (maybe your playlist has some Coldplay, DNCE, T-Swift or Michael Jackson) with a good beat, sneakers, plenty of fluids (water or sports drink), comfy exercise clothing and, most importantly, your child’s imagination.

Below, I’ve set up for you the basic steps of this kid friendly workout. Feel free to adjust the time and order of training to fit your child’s development. The only equipment needed is a chair preferably with no arms.

Let’s roll!

Bike Ride

Your child should be sitting in a chair with their feet on the floor, putting an imaginary bike helmet on their head, arms out in front of them in mid-air holding onto the handlebars. Make sure a bottle of water or a sports drink is within arm’s reach.

Your child will start moving their legs slowly as if they pedaling on a real bike riding on a flat road surface. After two minutes of riding, your child will begin picking up speed getting ready to climb a steep hill. After a four minute climb ride (standing up out of their seat/chair) they will be pumping their legs much faster. When reaching the top of the hill they should begin a cool down session (drink some fluid, relax their legs and arms) but continue pedaling slowly before getting ready to return down the hill. As they begin to go down hill, their legs will move more rapidly and go faster and faster (this is the fun part) until the have reached the bottom. Once at the bottom of the hill, they can park their bike, get off the seat, take off their helmet, drink some water and get their gear (bathing suit, goggles and bathing cap) for swimming.

Your child can remain in their chair or stand up, remember that they still should be using their imagination. Arms in mid air in front of your child and begin the freestyle form stroke for four minutes. After four minutes have them switch to doing the backstroke (arms over their head, one at a time). Music still playing to provide inspiration and motivation. Once they finish the swimming routine of the training, they can get out of the pool, hydrate some more and then move over to the running portion of the triathlon training.

Remove the chair as your child will be standing up for this routine. Your child will be simply running/jogging in place. They can start with a slow pace and then move ahead to go faster. This can be done in about 3-5 minutes and finished with a cool down walking in place and drinking their water or sports drink.