CAPITOL HILLTOP: Eighth Graders Visit Air and Space Museum

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CAPITOL HILLTOP: Eighth Graders Visit Air and Space Museum

#Stella didn’t stop us! The “adventure bus” trip to Washington D.C. was quiet for the most part – lots of napping and being “plugged in” with favorite music and streaming TV shows. There were a few Pokemon sightings along the way. We took a break to stretch our legs at the Chesapeake House in Maryland. 

Back on the bus, there were lots of snacks and conversation as we followed the traffic to Alexandria. We settled into the hotel quickly – the boys had quite a bit of fun inflating a mattress.
Just as the weather changed to a wintery mix, we walked a few blocks for dinner. With a choice of Chinese and Pizza restaurants next to each other, we split up for our favorites.

After dinner, everyone enjoyed time in the pool, more snacks, leftover pizza and variety of TV shows. Lights out at 11 p.m. led to a series of bitmojis wishing everyone good night – this is a very creative group


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Tuesday Morning:
The school group from Florida has been playing in the 2 inches of slush since dawn. Our kids are asleep and have alarms set for a 9:30 a.m. breakfast. The Smithsonian Museums have a delayed opening today so we will head to the Air and Space Museum at 11:30 a.m.. Nan and I are very disappointed that the National Cathedral is closed today – we will drive by so the students have an opportunity to view the massive structure.

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