CAPITOL HILLTOP: Monuments, Newseum, and Wizards!

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CAPITOL HILLTOP: Monuments, Newseum, and Wizards!

Greetings from Washington, D.C.!

I’ve come to appreciate a special characteristic of our eighth graders: patience. It all began with breakfast at 9:30 a.m. which was actually closer to 10. Because of our day early arrival this is the best the hotel could do. Next, delayed opening for the Smithsonian Museums (thank you #stella) and then a 57-minute long line to enter the Air and Space Museum! Not to worry: the students are wonderful and were eager to view the exhibitions. P.S. all had already downloaded the free GOFLIGHT App so they knew exactly where they wanted to start. #gohawks

Tuesday’s weather was bitter cold due to gusting winds. Nonetheless, we prevailed with visits to the National Archives (voted best gift shop so far), Lafayette Park and a tour of the Washington Monuments (Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and WWII Memorial). After visiting three monuments we were officially frozen and headed back to the hotel.

There were lots of selfies in front of the White House and at the Lincoln Memorial.

We got an early start on Wednesday. Breakfast at 7 and on the road at 8 a.m. battling DC traffic. We had time to stop at the Korean War and Vietnam Memorials we missed do to the frigid weather on the way to the Capital. The Capital Tour was a favorite activity – one highlight was standing on the steps that led to the platform where the Inauguration Speeches are made.

Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen welcomed a visit from Hilltop. All enjoyed a brief meeting in his office located at the Rayburn House Office Building just across from the Capital Building

Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, a Republican, is the United States Representative from the 11th congressional district of New Jersey. First elected in 1995, Representative Frelinghuysen has served the state of New Jersey for 22 years.

Mr. Frelinghuysen shared snacks from NJ (m&ms and Oreos). Trying to get to know us he asked questions of all us. We had several questions for him as well: what his daily schedule looks like and explanations for the items in his office. Ozzy and Sam asked about medals he had displayed and others wanted to know his favorite item in his office. The answer: photos of his family. He followed up with the importance of family. Mrs. Katzenbach asked Rep. Frelinghuysen to sign a photo that was taken of her and him during a visit to Hilltop.

At the Newseum, we touched a piece of the Berlin wall, scanned the cover pages of all newspapers worldwide the day after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and viewed a 4D movie.

We had fun at the Verizon Center for the Wizards vs Mavericks game.  The Mavericks kept us on the edge of our seats the entire game winning 112-107. James, Annele, Corrine, Jessica and Heather danced away trying to get on the fan cam, there were $6.50 containers of cotton candy for sale and, best of all, it was t-shirt night.

Our 7 a.m. start ended at 11:10  p.m. back at the hotel room. 

Stay tuned for more updates from the trip and follow us on Instagram @hilltopcds for live updates.