First Graders Travel to Australia

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First Graders Travel to Australia

The first graders at Hilltop Country Day School hosted a Knowledge Sharing Exhibition on Friday, March 17 to culminate their recent study of all things Australia. 

During a Knowledge Sharing Exhibition, parents, faculty and staff and their peers are invited to experience all the students have learned about a topic. 

The students sang an Aussie song, presented facts about Australian culture and habitat, and even sampled traditional Anzac biscuits the class made. 

In addition to studying the continent, students also learned about researching using traditional sources and online resources, honed their public speaking skills and developed confidence in their expertise of Australia.

“These exhibitions are an excellent way to practice our 21st Century ideals of good communication, comfort with public speaking, collaboration, and leadership,” said Head of School Peter Gordon. “It’s incredible to see students as young as five and six standing up in front of the entire school community to share their knowledge.”