8 Ways to Foster a Toddler’s Love of Music

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8 Ways to Foster a Toddler’s Love of Music

Do you want to nurture your child’s interest and excitement in music?
Does you child show potential talent for music?
At this age your child will learn best through exploration that’s fun. Here are a few age-appropriate ways to encourage your preschooler to get jazzed about music.

Listening to music of all genres stimulates the inner music in all children. Preschoolers can
appreciate classical, jazz, folk, world, funk, punk, rock, reggae, rap, hip-hop, or techno tunes,
too. Children will absorb rhythm, melody and lyrics regardless of the musical style.

Exposing a child to a variety of music helps him acquire the ability to distinguish differences in
tone, pitch, rhythm, and emotion. Children generally have an interest in exploring diverse
sounds from different musical genres, as well as environmental noise such as bell chimes,
waterfalls, rain on a roof, or crickets chirping.

It’s important for children to hear a song over and over. Repetition helps preschoolers master
rhythm and distinguish patterns. Clapping, stomping, singing and using a variety of percussion
instruments help reinforce rhythmic patterns.

Sing, Sing, Sing
Sing in the morning, sing in the evening, sing on the way to school. Singing helps develop pitch,
rhythm, melody, vocabulary, etc. There’s so much to gained by simply singing. Encourage your
child to sing out loud and proud.

Demonstrate and Play Instruments
Pick up your own instrument, if you play. If you don’t, pick up any percussion instrument and
encourage your child to sing along, dance, or take a turn. Making music with your child can be a
fun bonding experience.

Hands On Music
Children are most excited when they have a chance to play a musical instrument. Look for
instruments designed for little fingers that are small enough to be fun. Castanets, triangles, sets
of bells, and maracas, as well as drums, guitars, and keyboards, are big hits. The harmonica,
recorder, and ukulele are good as the child develops musical skills. At this stage it’s about
exploration – not making the most beautiful music.

Watch a Live Performance
Whether it be the symphony hall or kid friendly performances at museums, libraries, parks or
bookstores, watching a live performance can be a very stimulating experience for a child and an
inspiration to your young budding musician.

Sign Up For Music Lessons
If your child seems ready and willing to begin formal training, find an instructor who has
experience working with very young children, who knows how to keep things moving, and, most
important, makes the whole experience low-key and fun.