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An Evening of Discovery at Hilltop Country Day School 

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Hilltop Country Day School invited area children of all ages to attend a celestial-inspired program on Thursday, August 1. The fun began with a trip to the science lab where science teacher Michael Umstead explained the secret to hunting micrometeorites: patience and a good broom! Samples were swept up from the front walk and students hunted along gutters for these microscopic particles from space. Each child examined their find under a dissecting microscope. “We had to look for metallic spheres,” remarked a fifth grader. “That’s how we knew if we had micrometeorites or just plain rocks.” 

To the Moon and Beyond!

The evening ended with a performance by The Traveling Lantern Theater Company.  A cast of actors presented “My Mother, the Astronaut,” an imaginative play that followed  a child as she experienced a day in the life of a NASA astronaut. From food to exercise regimens, the hilarious play was full of facts and space lore and involved lots of audience participation. “The highlight of the play for me was probably when the the kids were called up to be planets. It was so funny to see the different props they had to hold!”