Second Grade Students Share Landform Knowledge

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Second Grade Students Share Landform Knowledge

Second grade students recently completed a unit of study on landforms and invited parents and friends to an exhibition on North American landforms. Imagining themselves as scientists, each student researched a different region in North America and reported on the unique animals and their habitats, landforms, and how humans impact that area. Hilltop’s Lower School knowledge sharing events give students a chance to grow their knowledge and self-confidence, and hone their public speaking skills.

Landform riddles authored by the second graders challenged guests, can you identify the landforms detailed below?


I am hot, I start with a V. I explode. What am I?

I have snow on top of me. I am very cold. You can climb me. What am I?

There are sharks in me. There are waves on top of me. I start with an O. What am I?

I start with a P. I am flat on top. You can walk on me or climb up my sides. What am I?

I can be all kinds of land. Water surrounds me. What am I?

I am a round bump of land. Usually there is grass on top of me and sometimes dirt.  Sometimes there are flowers on me. I start with an H. What am I?

I am flowing water. I stay steady. There is land to the right and left of me. What am I?