A Virtual Showpiece: Hilltop’s Annual Holiday Concert

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A Virtual Showpiece: Hilltop’s Annual Holiday Concert

The month of November, with its shorter days and colder nights, ushers in the first of the festive stirrings that are the hallmark of the holiday season. Suitably, that’s when music teacher Mr. Daniel Timmermans began working with students from kindergarten through eighth grade in preparation for the first-ever virtual holiday concert. 


Lower school chorus prepared four lively songs, and upper school instrumental classes memorized jubilant compositions for Orff instruments, xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, and a variety of other percussion instruments. 


The songs, along with narration, were recorded outside over a three day period. The final renditions–captured digitally by resident media specialist Garrett Fenlon–were accompanied by idyllic, lightly-falling snow and then edited for final presentation.


Check it out HERE https://youtu.be/KWl4O2dUcX4.


Happy Holidays!