Variable Tuition

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Variable Tuition

The Value of Your Investment in Your Child


Tuition 2019 – 2020

Affording a Hilltop Education

Preschool – 3 half days $5,696
Preschool – 4 half days $6,894
Preschool – 5 half days $8,095
Preschool – 6 half days $8,862
Preschool – 7 half days $9,644
Preschool – 8 half days $10,438
Preschool – 9 half days $11,206
Preschool – 10 half days $11,989

PreK – 5 half days $8,301
PreK – 6 half days $9,096
PreK – 7 half days $9,891
PreK – 8 half days $10,684
PreK – 9 half days $11,481
PreK – 10 half days $12,276

Kindergarten $12,500
First Grade $15,000
Second Grade $15,000
Third Grade $15,000
Fourth Grade $16,000

Fifth – Eighth Grade $19,500

Your child’s education is an investment. We offer tuition payment plans with monthly installments. Hilltop offers qualified applicants in preschool through grade 8 need-based financial aid to bridge the gap between what a family can afford and the cost of tuition. Variable tuition is different for every family and based on a number of factors. Families apply for the program each year. In 2019 the Board of Trustees made the decision to lower tuition rates.

There is no greater investment you can make in your child than that of an independent school education. At Hilltop we are educating students for future careers that have not even been invented yet. That is why it is important that our students are resilient, confident, adaptable, and creative.

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) recently published a report called “Values Added” which cites a study funded by the US Department of Education. The study shows clearly the value of an investment in a Hilltop Country Day School education. Hilltop is a member of NAIS.



 *National Education Longitudinal Study Performed by the National Center for Education Statistics

Secondary School Placement

Whether at a large public school or a prestigious independent secondary school, Hilltop graduates can seamlessly transition into whatever educational environment their journey takes them to.