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Discover Hilltop

At Hilltop Country Day School we believe that everything we do, every decision we make should be in the best interest of your child. We demonstrate that commitment through:

Being Student-Centered

At Hilltop Country Day School our motto is “Each Student, Every Day.” What that means to us is that we focus on each and every one of our students and their individual needs every single day. Our small class sizes allow our students to develop close relationships with their teachers. Our faculty and staff care about your child and make decisions about what is in their best interest.

Integrating Technology

We believe that technology is not meant to be taught in isolation but rather integrated into the fabric of our curriculum at every level, whether that means teaching students how to create Excel spreadsheets to do lab reports in science or how to use Adobe Photoshop in art class.

Redefining Rigor

Rigor refers to the breadth and depth of our challenging curriculum and the ability of our students to analyze, synthesize, and connect their studies to real life situations. Hilltop graduates become successful members of the global society and are excellent leaders, innovators, creators, problem solvers, public speakers, and collaborators.

A Commitment to the Arts

While public schools struggle to maintain the funding for extracurricular activities including the arts, the fine and performing arts are a central tenet of the Hilltop program. Our students are creative and opportunities for creative expression are plentiful.

Why Choose An Independent School?

Independent schools are known for their small class sizes, personalized attention and strong relationships between teachers and students. Students show more of a propensity to realize their potential and experience success within a small school environment where they are known and valued, where their accomplishments are celebrated, where leadership is not only encouraged but taught, and where active participation is expected. Students are academically strong, confident in their performance, and active participants in their community. Having the opportunity to attend the same school for what could potentially be 11 years allows children to be known individually by administrators, teachers, and other students. Having small classes in this kind of a school setting affords teachers the opportunity to have more time with children as their interaction is constant. The benefit is that academic and social concerns are identified, discussed and managed. As a small school, Hilltop students know their school well- many refer to it as a second home. As such, students are comfortable to take intellectual and personal risks, they know what it is like to succeed and to fail, and what it takes to grow and prosper as a student and more importantly as a person.

Finally, we believe children need to develop a sense of social and intellectual competence as well as deft understanding of their environment. Research has shown that having these competencies strongly contributes to a student’s ability to be an impactful problem solver, innovator, and leader.

How is 21st Century Learning Defined?

A rigorous curriculum emphasizing the development of self-directed learners who are proficient researchers, collaborators, communicators, creators, and global citizens. The work of “school” is authentic, relevant, and subsequently engaging. Complex communication tools and networks enable learning to extend beyond the walls of the classroom and across time and place. 21st Century learners:

  • Have a broad, deep understanding of the world
  • Make interdisciplinary connections
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Communicate and collaborate with others
  • Create, evaluate, and utilize information
  • Are career-ready and prepared for life