Mission & Philosophy

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Mission & Philosophy

Dear Prospective Families,

Welcome to the Hilltop Country Day School website. It is my sincere hope that you find the information on this website to be thought provoking and inspiring, while capturing just how exceptional our school is.

First and foremost, Hilltop is a community where teachers and students build strong, lasting relationships. Our school is filled with the excitement of learning, and the appropriate balance between academic rigor, a nurturing environment where students feel safe and supported to step outside their comfort zone to take risks, and extracurricular enrichment. Our small classes allow for students to both realize their true potential and then work steadfastly to achieve it.

Our faculty design classes that meet the developmental and cognitive needs of our students, and reflect current best practices and 21st century learning outcomes. The result is that our students are active participants in their own education and are well prepared to move on to their secondary school as informed, engaged, and ethical citizens and leaders.

The energy here is palpable as our entire community is invested in what it means to be a community of learners. We invite you to come see what makes Hilltop such a wonderfully dynamic place. Once you step foot on campus, you will both see and feel the difference of a school committed to Each Student, Every Day.





Kevin Folan, Head of School


Hilltop Country Day School is committed to providing a family-oriented, nurturing, creative, highly educational environment in which children:

  • Discover the excitement of learning
  • Develop good study habits
  • Grow in self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Develop sensitivity and respect for the rights and abilities of others
  • Learn to accept responsibility and meet personal challenges


We believe children learn most effectively in an environment that is academically challenging, emotionally safe, socially warm, developmentally appropriate and one that respects the family as partners in the educational process. Knowledge of the world is best learned if constructed and experienced by the learner in an environment that challenges thinking, encourages experimentation and investigation, models learning, and allows risk taking in safety. School should be a place where children have an opportunity to define themselves as learners, and more importantly as people. We value developing in children fundamental learning skills in the academic, social, emotional, aesthetic, creative, ethical and physical dimensions, as well as developing a strong, confident sense of self, and a true respect for the rights and abilities of others. Hilltop recognizes the need for children to be exposed to the importance and value of community – our own, the wider community and a diverse community, and to respect what it means to be a member of these communities.

Hilltop Values The Child

This is reflected most prominently in the school’s small student to teacher ratio. Small classes allow true relationships between the student and teacher to develop. This close, personal relationship fosters a deeper understanding of the teaching-learning process, and a more active participation in it. Small classes allow teachers to more successfully meet each child at their level and challenge them to achieve the next.

Children Learn in Different ways and at Different Paces

Children’s learning styles and effective modes of learning vary. These differences in children and learning are treasured and we recognize that children learn best when the curriculum is molded to meet them, where they are.

Hilltop Values the Role of the Family

Although the school designs and implements curriculum, it looks to parents for constant support and input regarding their child. Parents also play a vital role in establishing a strong sense of community and shared endeavor. The school values open communication.