Free Ebook: 5 Reasons Private Kindergarten is Worth the Cost

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Free Ebook: 5 Reasons Private Kindergarten is Worth the Cost

You only get one chance to develop a mind

Hilltop teachers stand behind our mantra, “Strong Foundations, Bright Futures.” Experts believe that 90% of all brain development occurs by age 6. At the most pivotal moment in a child’s development, Hilltop shines. Fill out the form to learn why an independent education at Hilltop Country Day School might be the smart start your child needs to succeed in the future.


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    Outstanding Academics

    Our curriculum is guided by an educational philosophy that celebrates and supports project-based learning, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. Academic rigor refers to the breadth and depth of our challenging curriculum and the ability of our students to analyze, synthesize, and connect their studies to real life situations. Our students develop a global awareness and information literacy.

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    Class Size

    Our small class sizes allow our faculty and staff to personalize the curriculum to your child’s strengths, areas for growth, passions and interests. We care about your child and make decisions about what is in their best interest.

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    Think you can’t afford an excellent private school education? Think again. Hilltop Country Day School proudly offers Variable Tuition. Tuition at Hilltop is not a one-size-fits all. It’s a range that spans from 40-80 percent of the full cost of a Hilltop education. Variable Tuition adjusts tuition rates to meet your family’s unique financial position. No family at Hilltop pays the full cost of education.

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    Core Values

    These four words are the cornerstone values that guide our community and are threaded throughout the school day. The Core Values give students clear expectations for behavior and help to develop a community of inclusion and acceptance. Hilltop expects to develop well-rounded global citizens who value the learning process, treat others with honesty and respect, practice compassion, honor diversity, celebrate individual potential, and reject prejudice and bullying.

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    Faculty Credentials

    Hilltop is committed to hiring top-notch educators. We support our faculty through a scalable and sustainable model 21st Century professional development and are proud that our experts are consistently selected to speak at prestigious conferences and lead workshops on an annual basis. Our faculty and staff also practice knowledge sharing and deeply integrated interdisciplinary work. 

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    High School Preparation

    Our graduates go on to the best secondary schools both in New Jersey and around the country. We work closely with each student and family to find a school that is the best fit for each student academically and socially.

    Hilltop graduates are:

    • Leaders
    • Innovators
    • Creators
    • Problem Solvers
    • Public Speakers
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    Enrichment Programs

    As a 21st Century school, learning at Hilltop Country Day School extends far beyond the classroom with a wide array of extracurricular offerings before and after school. These activities cultivate a lively environment where learning, ideas, facts and skills are developed and exchanged among students and teachers. The extended day schedule at Hilltop offers a variety of enrichment classes, including music, engineering, fitness, design, and art throughout the school year, and have been designed to provide all our students with opportunities for explorations, peer connections and fun. Hilltop faculty, as well as, outside instructors, musicians and coaches are motivated and excited to instruct and inspire.

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    Tech Integration

    We believe that technology is not meant to be taught in isolation but rather integrated into the fabric of our curriculum at every level, whether that means teaching students how to create Excel spreadsheets to do lab reports in science or how to use Adobe Photoshop in art class. This is another hallmark of our project-based learning curriculum model and development of high order thinking. Our students study computer science through coding and robotics and our faculty integrate the latest cutting edge supportive technology to enhance the curriculum from Chrombooks and iPads to Makerbot 3D printers and interactive projectors. We are proud to boast a 1:1 Chromebook environment for our faculty and staff and will have a 1:1 Chromebook program for our elementary school students in September 2017 while our middle school will support a Bring Your Own Device program.

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    In addition to a 6,000 volume library and two design labs, we boast a designated Outdoor Classroom and offer a variety of outdoor play spaces. We are committed to continually upgrading our scenic 4.75 acre campus whether through infrastructure upgrades or facilities enhancements. Your child will always have the best environment in which to learn. 

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    Students at Hilltop boast diversity not just racially and culturally, but also geographically and socio-economically. We also proudly sponsor an International Student Program which enhances the global nature of a Hilltop education.

When it comes to your child, you shouldn’t have to choose between academic excellence and a nurturing environment. At Hilltop Country Day School, you can have it all.