Chloe Clancy ’08

Freshman at Sparta High School

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Chloe Clancy ’08

Chloe Clancy ’08 is a freshman at Sparta High School.  She placed into Honors Science, Honors English, and Honors History. She is an outside back on the freshman volleyball team. Chloe is the only female trumpet player in the Sparta High School ensemble. 

What do you love most about Hilltop Country Day School?

I love all of the teachers and how they work with us individually. The teachers take time to make sure we understand the work. They want us to succeed, and it made me love learning.

What is one word that best described the school? Please explain why you chose that word.

Family, because the school is small and we all know each other. We help and care for each other. We’re a close-knit group.

Describe one of your favorite memories of Hilltop Country Day School?

In eighth grade, we played the 007 and Mission Impossible theme song in band. We had a very small group, so we all had pretty big parts. The first time we did a full run-through of the song, it sounded so amazing that we all looked at each other and thought, “That was awesome!” We were small, but amazing!

From your own experiences, why do you believe it was important for you to attend Hilltop Country Day School?

Hilltop always allowed us to be independent. I was encouraged to do things by myself without depending on other people, and that helps me a lot in my everyday life. Another skill I learned was to be comfortable with public speaking. I don’t feel intimidated when called on in class, or when I have to talk to a group of people.

In what ways did Hilltop Country Day School prepare you for high school and college?

Hilltop taught me to have a good work ethic. So far in my first year of high school, I haven’t been overwhelmed with the amount of work, and I’m able to prioritize and work efficiently. I have been able to keep up academically in all my classes. I am confident that I will be successful in high school because of the skills I’ve learned at Hilltop.

What would you tell a friend to encourage them to consider Hilltop Country Day School?

I would tell them how I learned to love learning. I liked the small class sizes because the teachers were able to give me one-on-one help. I love being with my same classmates for years, and we built long lasting friendships. Hilltop also allowed me to be creative in my learning, and explore new personal interests and hobbies, such as art and music.