The Patels

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The Patels

Bhawar and Mittal of Sparta are the proud parents of Aroosh (fourth grade) and Kaeya (second grade).

Why did you choose Hilltop Country Day School for your child(ren)?

We wanted to instill both curiosity and passion toward education in our children along with leadership skills for tomorrow’s world.

What do you love most about Hilltop Country Day School?

Beyond nurturing children with challenging education, arts and technology subjects that inspire curiosity and passion, I have seen them grow with excellent interpersonal social skills. We see our kids not only ask the right questions but think of the possible answers as well.

What is one word that best describes the school? Please explain why you chose that word?

DRIVE. The school drives and leads the kids to be independent thinkers, creators and above all puts them in control and confidence to go get their goals.

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experience at Hilltop Country Day School?

Both Aroosh (fourth grade) and Kaeya (second grade) have developed a deep sense of understanding and curiosity. In Summer, they do science experiments, go out and study nature, manage technology and art ideas for their creations. What is spectacular is that the knowledge is deep and they can converse with kids younger or much older than them with confidence. Their social skills have developed to influence hundreds at social gatherings where they gain love and respect and yet they are the humble towards sharing and helping kids who need help with education matters.

How is/has Hilltop Country Day School prepared your child for the future?

Hilltop understands and sees beyond the horizon to keep kids not only with current curriculum but get ready for their next steps and show them what is new out there in terms of technology and science.  The constant learning principle is rooted deep in student minds that keeps them learning and to not get obsolete. This life long learning attitude is strongly preparing students for the future.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to consider enrolling their child at Hilltop Country Day School?

Drop your child for even three hours at Hilltop. We can guarantee he/she is going to beg to go to this school. The mindset of the faculty/students is to hit your objectives while developing passion for learning. We have not seen this kind of harmony anywhere else.

Is there anything else about your story you want to share?

Recently we took Aroosh to an Orthodontist. While the Orthodontist was explaining about his structure, Aroosh jumped in and started asking questions about  his Mandible bone and other bones. Needless to say all of us were shocked and the Orthodontist was stunned with his knowledge. He quickly leaned over and read Hilltop Country School on Aroosh’s t-shirt to capture the school name! That’s the kind of influence our children have after going to this school and we cannot thank the faculty and staff enough.