The Turndorfs

Parents of Isabella '16 and Gianluca '16

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The Turndorfs

Dave and Carmalinda’s twins Isabella and Gianluca attended Hilltop from preschool through eighth grade and are graduates of the Hilltop Class of 2016.

Why did you choose Hilltop Country Day School for your child(ren)?

Our kids are Hilltop lifers and have attended since preschool. We were looking for something more than a daycare situation which is what most places in the area offer. Hilltop has an excellent preschool program so we enrolled the kids.

What do you love most about Hilltop Country Day School?

What we love most about Hilltop is the small school atmosphere, the attention to the individual, the familial atmosphere and the excellent program.

What is one word that best describes the school? Please explain why you chose that word?

Fabulous.  Hilltop was a great place for our kids to experience their elementary education and their home away from home.

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experience at Hilltop Country Day School?

Our kids are Hilltop lifers and attended from preschool through eighth grade. The years of presentations, the thoughtful discussions they have in class and the focus on ethical behavior has gone a long way toward molding them into good young people. who can stand up in front of a group.

How is/has Hilltop Country Day School prepared your child for the future?

The math, science and art at Hilltop is fantastic. Our kids were already at the high school level in much of their eighth grade work.